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Health and Safety

The health, and safety of our guests and ourselves is our highest priority at all times.  Please take a moment to take note of how we are providing a safe environment for our Guests stay at the Cottage
Firstly we would like to thank all our past guests who visited us during the pandemic for respecting our COVID-19 procedures and helped us maintain a safe and COVID-19 free cottage.

Bookings are usually taken via our agents see our Rates and Availability page for current availability outside the period above.

Please note: all our current Covid-19 procedures at the cottage are based on previous UK government guidelines that were provided during the Pandemic to all hospitality businesses. Even with the lifting of all Covid-19 restrictions we want to continue the way we currently operate with all our protective
 measures still in place.  Like many businesses over the pandemic, we have had many disruptions, however we are proud that we managed to keep all our customers and staff safe with these measures and we will be able to keep this record ongoing now that Covid-19 is endemic. 

With Covid-19 now endemic we can all help to reduce the risk of the continued spread of COVID-19 and any other infectious diseases by us all practising key behaviours and taking personal responsibility.  We take our own responsibility seriously and we document a summary of the guidance provided by the UK government:

1. Wash hands or sanitise regularly throughout the day

2. Provide adequate space to others who ask

3. Wear a mask where asked to, particularly in enclosed and crowded spaces

4. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, get tested and consider staying home when unwell

5. Where possible, avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

6. Still understand the risks of COVID-19

7. Consider getting vaccinated and boosted where appropriate

8. Consider others first, particularly those that are clinically vulnerable or those that may not be vaccinated yet


We would like to be clear that we still will not facilitate anyone at the property that has tested positive for COVID-19, been in contact with someone who may have been infected with COVID-19 and have suspected COVID-19 symptoms and/or feel unwell, nor will we facilitate any other member of your party that has been in contact with said person. We hope you understand and would ask that you respect our policy and not stay with us at our cottage should this situation be relevant to you or any member of your party before your stay with us and we ask in this instance that you please contact the agent who you booked your stay with, with regards to cancellation/refund etc or us should you have booked directly through us. Thank you (& Cumbrian Cottages) latest customer COVID-19 update

Our CoVID-19 Statement

Here at the cottage we have always and continue to put the safety of our Guests and Ourselves first.

With regards to Covid-19; we willstill strive, at all times,

to take all of the appropriate measures to reduce the risks from Covid-19  for You our Guests and Ourselves. 
To do this,
a Risk Assessment has been completed that both identifies the possible risks and then develops the controls needed to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection at the Cottage.  The  Risk assessment has been carried out following the guidelines on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website.  

See the link Below:


 The result of this Risk Assessment is  such that we have invested in various types of new cleaning products, equipment and implemented a number of procedures into the cottage, to reduce the risk of potential infection and demonstrate to You that we still  offer an environment that is not just Welcoming but also Safe a true Home Away from Home.

These include:

  • Investment in wall mounted hand sanitisers. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for ourselves/cleaners and cleaning products and antibacterial hand wash for your use at the property during your stay.

  • You will obtain your key to the cottage to start your stay with us from within a key safe at the front of the property, for which we will provide you an access code at our initial email contact with you. We will be asking also for your mobile details and provide you with ours should we need to contact you or you us.

  • We will be implementing procedures and protocols where social contact cannot be avoided by ensuring appropriate measures/barriers are introduced to reduce the risk of infection to you or anyone else.

  • Ensuring that cleaning and sanitising of the cottage is carried out on a regular basis, to the highest of standards in all areas of the cottage importantly defining High-touch Deep Clean Points throughout the rooms at the cottage and putting in procedures to consider these as areas of higher risks and therefore a higher priority where cleaning is concerned.

  • Ensuring, where appropriate, adequate and effective PPE is made available for cleaning purposes at the cottage.

  • Ensuring adequate facilities and products for effective hand washing and hand sanitising are made available to you our guests when in the cottage.

  • By ensuring that yours and our safety will always take priority over profit.

You will see we are making every effort ourselves to still make your stay as safe as possible, irrespective of the UK government lifting of all Covid-19 restrictions we want to continue the way we currently operate.

Cottage Clean

1. Cottage Cleaning & disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting is a priority for the cottage after each guest stay and checked before any new stay. This is done throughout the cottage, paying attention to high-touch items. We will also ask you to help out in this respect at the end of your stay and this advice will be provided in our Welcome Pack Information that will be sent electronically to you.

Cottage Welcome

4. Welcome Pack

We are providing clean and disinfected keys upon check-in via our key safe at the cottage which as a high touch item will have particular attention made to it wrt sanitising.  Our pack will also include useful information that will be electronically sent to you before your stay.


7. Linens

We are washing all linens (towels, bedding and shower mats) at a temperature above 60°C for optimal disinfection. You will be provided with disposable cleaning cloths and tea towels for your stay, which we ask you to dispose of safely at the end.  We will also ask that you strip the beds and place all Linen in the Laundry bags provided on the bedroom doors. Any unused beds and towels should be left untouched as is, with the signage provided

Clean Air

2. Air circulation

We are ventilating rooms in the cottage as much as possible by opening all internal doors and windows of the property to allow increased air circulation. This will be during our cleaning process and before you arrive.  We will ask that you do the same before you leave

Check in/Check out Process

5. Check-in and Check-out

We will be asking you to adhere strictly to these times that you will be advised of, to allow our cleaners adequate time to clean the cottage between stays, allow for disinfectants to at least dry for 1hr  and the property aired once the ecleaners have left. You will be reminded of this before and at the end of your stay.  We will also be asking you to scan our QR Code Posters at the start of your stay and any guests that may visit you with the NHS COVID-19 App that will help us with our legal obligation to record guest and visitor contact details for 21 days

House Clean training

8. Covid-19 training

We are updating ourselves on health and hygiene cleaning procedures with a particular interest to guidance on how we can prevent germs from spreading and how we should work safely during coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic at the cottage.


Cottage Sanitising

3. Wall Mounted Hand Sanitiser's

We have installed alcohol-based hand sanitising units at both the entrance/exits to the cottages for your use as you come and go from the cottage. We ask that you use them and follow other government hygiene messages while at the cottage.

Cottage Clean

6. Room Cleaning

We are deep cleaning after every stay. Doors to the bedrooms will have signage stating that the room has been cleaned in preparation of your arrival and we will have signage elsewhere to show that we have taken additional care and attention when cleaning all the rooms

Staff Safety

9. PPE

We are providing ourselves and our cleaners with personal protective equipment when we ourselves are at the cottage to reduce any potential risk of the spread of infection when cleaning the cottage.

Finally a Big Thank You 


From Tim and I (Kimberley) , for considering the changes that need to be considered when you stay at our cottage and also for believing in us such that you still want to come stay with us. This really means a lot to us.  Thank you for you support, we really look forward to you coming to stay!

As I am sure you will also, we would also like to say a Great Big Thank You to all the front line workers and key workers who have supported this country through the coronavirus CoVID-19 pandemic and that have kept us all safe and continue to do so.



Image by Simon John-McHaffie
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