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Christmas in the Corner

Aaw this is my favourite time of year and our little cottage has always cosied up to the festive spirit. This year was not going to be any different. I wanted our guests to feel right at home, particularly those who are staying over the Christmas and New Year period. Funnily enough we had a call from the agency, our guests who are to arrive on the 23rd December wanted to know if the halls would be decked with holly... well not quite holly but they wanted to know if they would need to be putting some spirit into the little cottage. Gosh as if we would make anyone do that. Instead I staged the cottage as I have since 2003.

So the bookies may be closing all bets on a white Christmas but with all this rain we have had thus far, I am hedging my bets and going to say we will get snow at least over the holidays, if it was Christmas, now that would be pretty special, but if we get any at all that would just be too exciting for words. I can see it now, we live just under Orrest head and behind us is a big meadow which has a gentle slope... now that in my eyes covered in the white stuff warrants us to get out at a minimum the sledge and if we are really lucky our skis. No matter what I love this time of year, its where we should forget about the office and bed down with our family and friends and that's what we intend to do and I am hoping our guests can also. The cottage will be ready for them so I dont see why not.

So close your eyes, cross your fingers and turn around three times and before you know it we will be there surrounded by wrapping paper and an excited twisty feeling in our tummies. Enjoy it we are going too. Cumbria really is open, so come visit us soon :)



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