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In the Corner So Far

So here at 18 In the Corner we are feeling very lucky, we are six guest bookings in and next weekend will be our seventh. Surely we are seasoned holiday cottage owners now.... we should be so lucky?! But come the New Year we will have opened our old holiday cottage to nine groups, two of which will be through the festive holiday period of Christmas and the New Year. Since opening in the tag end of the summer, the seasons have been good to our guests.

It has only been in the last two weeks that we have seen the typical wet weather of the Lake District upon us. Our nieces were here last week and I blame them for the change in the weather, forget hurricane Abigail or is that Kate, either way it was the girls that jinxed us. The last time they were here on their own it was also raining and so it had to be last weekend too of course, but this time we didnt sit in the car with our picnic, nor did we feed the ducks, but instead we headed over to Honister Slate Mine and had a tour down under, which the girls seemed to love. It was a good choice with the weather being so grim and a beautiful drive capturing the northern Lake District countryside.

It's been important to us that each of our guests arrive and feel immediately welcomed. We hope that they can settle in as though it was their own home, so getting together a small welcome pack is always on the cards on changeover day. A basket of goodies, fresh flowers and a pint of milk in the fridge for that first cuppa of the holiday.

It would seem that these little packs have gone down well and a few of our guests have shown their gratitude and love of our little cottage.

If the past two months are anything to go by our little holiday cottage will open its doors to yet more guests in 2016 which is really quite exciting. Please do come visit us, the Lake District has so much to offer for anyone looking to get away from it all. Thank you to all our guests so far we are so pleased you loved this place as much as we do.

Tim and Kimberley x

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